FTD Flower Exchange


What is FTD® Flower Exchange?
FTD® Flower Exchange is an exclusive online buying service that allows FTD® Florists to purchase the world’s finest fresh flowers and plants. FTD® Flower Exchange offers a wide variety of fresh flowers including with combo boxes, bouquets, tropical flowers and more. Products can be purchased through an open market, pre-books, and Auto-Ship order basis. FTD®Flower Exchange orders can be placed online or by contacting an FTD® Flower Exchange sales representative. Our web site is designed to help manage your buying and logistics needs to increase sales and optimize your profits.
Are there any annual fees or registration fees?
No. There are no annual fees or registration fees. FTD® Flower Exchange is available to all FTD® Florists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
How do I sign up for FTD® Flower Exchange?

Purchasing Information

How do I place an order?
What is the minimum quantity required to place an order?
A minimum of one case is required to place an order.
How do I pay for my order?
Payment can be made on your FTD® Clearinghouse Statement or with a major credit card. FTD® Flower Exchange accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
How late can I place an order for next day delivery?
In order to ensure next day delivery, all orders must be placed by 2:00 p.m. eastern.
After an order has been placed, can I cancel or change an order?
Yes. Please view the FTD Flower Exchange Purchase Agreement for details and limitations.

About the Website

Where can I find specials and promotions?
Specials and promotions will be sent to you via email and can also be found on the home page of FTD® Flower Exchange under “Weekly Specials”. You can also contact your FTD® Flower Exchange Sales Representative at (800) 767-4000 for more details on our specials and promotions
What are Pre-Book Orders?
A pre-book order allows FTD Florists to plan ahead and order product in advance. This function is useful when planning holidays and special events.
What are Auto-Ship Orders?
An Auto-Ship order is a reoccurring order that is delivered to you every week. Auto-Ship orders allow FTD® Florists to save time and money by securing product at a year-round price. Auto-Ship order quantities will be doubled at Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.
How do I place an Auto-Ship Order?
Are Combo Boxes available?
Yes. Combo Boxes can be located under the heading “Top Selling Flowers” and also in the Flower Finder under Flower Type. Combo Boxes are custom recipes the FTD® Grower Partners have designed with the retail florist in mind and range from every day to seasonal mixes.
What is the Build-A-Box?
The Build-A-Box is an FTD® exclusive. This feature allows you to choose the flowers you want in the box which is then assembled at farm level and shipped direct to you. The Build-A-Box program is available on a wide range of products and is available as a Pre-book Order or Auto-Ship Order. You can access by clicking on “Build-A-Box” when you log into the web site or contact your FTD® Flower Exchange Sales Representative.

Shipping Information

How is my order shipped?
FTD® Flower Exchange offers three shipping options for delivery within the United States and Canada. We utilize overnight carriers, air consolidation freight (airport pick-up) and cold chain refrigerated trucking options. You choose the method that best fits your needs.
What is Cold Chain Refrigerated Truck Delivery?
Cold Chain delivery utilizes refrigerated trucking carriers in order to regulate the temperature in which the fresh flower product is shipped directly to you. Cold Chain shipping is the most beneficial and cost effective method of shipping fresh cut flowers on FTD® Flower Exchange.
What are the shipping rates?
Shipping rates vary depending on your preferred shipping method. When ordering online, shipping rates are displayed prior to finalizing your order. When ordering by phone, shipping rates will be provided by your FTD Flower Exchange sales representative prior to finalizing your order.
Where do I find my tracking numbers?

Customer Service

Who should I contact with questions?
What if I receive damaged product?
If you receive damaged product, please contact a FTD® Flower Exchange customer service representative immediately at 1-800-767-4000. You will need to provide the details of your claim as outlined in the FTD Flower Exchange Purchase Agreement. Damage claims must be made within 24 hours of receiving product.

Site Security

Will my personal information remain private and confidential?
Yes. Your privacy and security is the primary concern. We are committed to ensuring the highest level of consumer confidence and security through responsible use and maintenance of information.
Is my ordering information secure?
Yes. All transactions are transferred utilizing Secure Socket Layering (SSL) technology to encrypt and protect your information from misuse, alteration, loss, or access from other Internet users as it travels through the Internet channels from your computer. The information is then passed through our secure servers and stored in our databases, which are secured even further behind "firewall" protection.
Why does FTD require a security code for credit card purchases?
With the purpose of providing an additional level of security to our customers, FTD® Flower Exchange requires that all customers provide their credit card security code when purchasing. This code is not part of the credit card number itself and is not stored at any time in our system. The security code is simply an added security measure intended to protect against credit card fraud. Since the security code appears exclusively on the card itself, the purchaser must actually be in possession of the card to be able to supply the number.